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At 4FANZ®,we provide opportuity for our Sponsors to sponsor FANSIAL® events. Pitch their business before our audience and
earn the goodwill to stay ahead of your competitors. In Social media you don't meet people and depend on random Likes.
FANSIAL® Network is a network focused on local talents and their fans who are provided the FANSIAL® platform to organize in-person events with a well defined Fansial®Network Member's Code of Conduct where businesses who love to promote talents can join the FANSIAL Network as annual sponsors there by creating an in-network Collabaration Market Place. This is not simply an app where you go and schecule a virtual meeting. This is about thousands and thousands of smaller groups meeting every weekend with an agenda or get together for entertainment or talent shows. So, there you go - 4FANZ® brought the award winning Fansial®Network

At 4FANZ®, We have created a wonderful opportunity for Businesses to meet real people who have been using virtual social media to promote their business. When you have a 1 minute pitch to address real people who could be your direct or indirect customer or at least spread the word about you or your business, it would give confidence and a new direction to your business. This BIZ-FAN Collabaration Market Place, which was envisioned in 2014 is real now. We are accpeting Annual Sponsors Now.
Whether you are a Business or Music Fan - You do not have to live in a virtual social world anymore. We find wonderful hosts and sponsors to arrange FANSIAL® (FAN + SOCIAL) events where local Talents perform, Businesses Sponsor and Fans attend events and promote or buy special discounted products and services from Fansial marketplace. A Fansial market place is not a single website or single app. It is a cluster of premium websites spread over 36 well defined zones designed for role based search. Websites like TechMalls.com, WhereIsmyDeal.com, Homes2Buy.TV, Apartments2buy.com, Job2Apply.com, ProjectSchool.com, Service2Buy.com, VideoMatrimony.com, Malls2Go.com and many such web sites srea used to create an exclusive BIZ-FAN Collabaration market place for Businesses and Fans. The sponsorship amount is split for events and web services. A lot of local jobs get created because events are not virtual events. A huge number fans get a chance to hear local businesses and spread the message about the businesses.

The Story of 4FANZ-DBP


At 4FANZ-DBP, we design events for all stake holders. There are some who love to sing, socialize and make friends. Our meetups events are one of its kind. Well planned and no pressure events - relaxed singing environments. We're obsessively passionate about promoting top DBP Talents, and our mission is to create stars.

4FANZ was founded by Manoj Padhi in 2014 to provide an exclusive networking of Businesses, Fans and Talents. For first time ever, we have objectively defined quality of Singing and Performance based on several key factors. We emphasize the importance of both practice and discipline when we pick up our best for Concerts. We offer building the AudieNce1st mindset to deliver only LEVEL5 performances. In Performing Arts, it is important to build connections and seek mentorship. 4FANZ provides an awesome friendly environment to be a star. All event based companies depend on Sponsors and vice-versa. We and our Talented Stars promote the business of our Sponsors. We have invented the concept of Connect Before Transact. We invite businesses who believe in power of meeting real potential customers to Join our FANSIAL® Events and Tell Our Live and Online Audience about them. Let our Anchors talk about them about 100 times in a year, when they turn Annual Sponsor.

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Manoj Padhi
Founder 4FANZ

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Organize Events for local talents

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A few of our top-rated selected performers entertain you on themed concerts every month

Promoting Businesses our Sponsors

If you are our Annual Sponsor, if you ask to review your current marketing strategy, we would love it and guide you the perfect pitch to get more customers. Branding and unique messaging is important.

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$500 / year

  • up to 100 Event announcement to 800 Meetup members
  • Tagging when Events
  • Introduction with Live Audience once
  • Introduction with WhatsUp Groups Once
  • Facebook Tagging when we announce events and post songs
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Standard Event

$1000 / event

  • up to 100 Event announcement to 800 Meetup members
  • Tagging when Events
  • Introduction with Live Audience once
  • Introduction with WhatsUp Groups Once
  • Facebook Tagging when we announce events and post songs
  • Sound Bytes from our stars
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Big Events

$5000 / event

  • up to 100 Event announcement to 800 Meetup members
  • Tagging when Events
  • Introduction with Live Audience once
  • Introduction with WhatsUp Groups Once
  • Facebook Tagging when we announce events and post songs
  • Sound Bytes from our stars
  • Exclusive Music Album Sung by Our Talents and with in-Video Ads
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Frequently Asked Questions Annual Sponsorship Benefits

Why both Search Engines and Social Media Marketing are not working for me ? ?
Why Join FANSIAL® Network for multi-dimensional marketing ?
  • This is the future of marketing that is beyond social-media and beginning of an in-network BIZ-FAN Collabarative Buy-Sell activity in a FANSIAL Marketspace.
  • For the very first time an affordable annual sponsorship opportunity is created for local talent shows or collabaration meetings
  • The FANSIAL® BIZ-FAN Market Space uses 36 zones as opposed to just 1 internet zone/1 app name by social media. We are changing buyer's habit in Fansial Market space. The Buyer will go to specific zone and city to look for all listed businesses and their products and services. If you don't get onboarded sooner, your listed competitors could become more popular locally
  • you could get a chance to fine tune your business pitch where Joe (personified equivalent of Siri, Alexa and Cortana) can do a business pitch
  • if you are a startup looking for funds, we could develop a 2 minute pitch using Joe and list at startups2fund.com
  • You could be eligible to get in-network discounts on your IT needs by IT companies listed on Tech Zone aka TechMalls.com
  • If in-network discounts are popular in health insurance sector, why can't in-network discounts be popular in FANSIAL® Network ?
  • When buyer habit switched to in-network over period of two to three years, the in-network transactions in the 36 Fansial Zones would exceed the rest of internet.
  • In 2024 we will be introducing personalized one to one communication between BIZ-FANZ using our platform LATTERBOX™ Registered sponsors will be given priority over newly registered sponsors.
How safe is Fansial Network ?
How our star anchors promote your business ?
How Restaurants Businesses are listed and promoted ?
Is the paid Sponsorship amount refundable ?
YES. if you seek the refund with in 30 days from the payment received date by sending an e-mail to Joe [at] 4fanz.com. We won't ask you any questions but when you sign up as an annual sponsor, you would expect the following to happen with in 30 days of signing up. After you make the payment of annual sponsorship, we will send you a questionnaire about your business and prepare a 1 to 2 minute if we don't receive any introductory material from you by text or e-mail. Based on that information, we create a one or two minute business pitch and start promoting your business. If you do not see any progress in a month or for some reason you are skeptical about the effectiveness of Fansial Network BIZ-FAN Collabaration Marketplace, you can request refund at joe[at]4fanz.com. the amount you had paid will be refunded to you in full. If later, you want to join back, you will be accepted at prevailing price which could be higher than your cancelled sponsorship price.
Can I pledge for a multi-year Sponsorship and pay annually ?
YES - In addition to the first year sponsorship amount you can add 1 Dollar/every additional future year to get any future fee increase protection. When your sponsorship comes for renewel on subsequent years, you can pay deduct $1 and pay the rest. e.g. If the Annual Sponsorship amount is $500.00 and you are opting for 10 year - you can pay $509.00 on 1st year and all subsequent years you need to pay $499.00 until 10th year. On 11th year if you choose to renew, you have to pay at prevailing sponsorhip price which could be $1000 or $1500. We recommend if the prevailing annual sponsorship amount is $500.00 you could pay $524.00 to get a 25 year price protection. When we get such advanced demand, it helps us to plan new features for the zone where we have maximum future demand. as we know we have divided the internet space in to 36 zones and if we know that on Technology Zone we have 5 million 25-year pledges out of 100 million annual sponsorships, we could prioritize the features for that zone. Ask your Fansial Network advisor or send a mail at joe [at] 4fanz.com when you decide to join as a sponsor. Because of volume of requests, you may receive a response between 2 to 4 weeks. So, we recommend you to send an e-mail first while you are thinking about sponsorship. Sending a mail is about queuing your request for onboarding.
What are the premium web services offered at FANSIAL BIZ-FAN Marketplace?
There are about 100 websites planned. In 2023, the following websites wll go live. TechMalls.com, DesiMalls.com, 4FANZ.TV, job2apply.com, Malls2Go.com, Homes2Buy.TV, BIZNEWZ.TV, TrueNewz.com, ProjectSchool.com, Apartments2Buy.com, GOPTalkRadio.com, BuildTheTrumpWall.com, DBP.band, BollyConcerts.com, 4FANZ.club and many more - keep watch this page and we will keep updating the list. In 2024, we would launch LatterBox.com where all Fansial Network members can communicate without e-mail and phone. Just search and buy items by special pricing when you are in-network of the Sponsor. So, stay tuned.
What is the story of 4FANZ® ?
What is the current price of Annual Sponsorship ?
Effective from 01-July-2023, the price of current annual sponsorship is $500/year (USD). Depending on the cloud hosting expenses the price could go up next year if you have not opted for the price lock option. Please read the question where we advise sponsors how to avoid any increase in price. If you have signed up as a sponsor before 01-July-2023, you can opt for the price lock option on current subscription amount when your Sponsorship would be up for renewel next year.
How do I sponsor music videos ?
Currently we have a few Hindi 90's style and a few Odia Album song is available for you to sponsor. If you are a business want to shoot a few scenes at your business that could be different price because we have to send artists and videographer to your place for the shot. The standard price of per music video sponsorship without any in-video ad is $500/video album song. Appropriate credit can be given on writing with one image when you pay standard sponsorship. You will be given chance to listen the first stanza of song if you want to listen before making the decision. We have cover song rights for hindi originals and feel free to seek the list if you want to shoot in-video ad in your location.

4FANZ Sponsorship FAQ

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